Start Up CBA

Startup creative arts and business academy, a professional resource for creatives in the arts and starting up their businesses.

Who Are We?

Since our inception in 2018, we have helped clients from all around the world to improve their products and branding.

We started as a Startup and Music Mentorship program and grew from there.

Since then, we’ve evolved into a one-stop online training and membership community platform.

With clients in Europe, UK, the USA, Canada and Australia, we’ve distilled our wealth of knowledge into easy to follow tutorials and community-based training.

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What Do We Do?

We work with clients from the both the Arts and Business Sectors, to build up their brand, using “intuitive marketing”.

We believe that marketing should be common sense, and we ensure that you understand the field, inside and out.

We show you how to access, build and grow your global audience, and by extension grow your business.

You will have access to  professionals through our membership program, which also gives you the opportunity to network with other members.

We teach how to integrate social media marketing, network marketing and online event marketing to maximise results.

We provide access to video training and webinars, for extra training.

The best bit?

You also get 4 private mentoring calls, to help you devise an individual strategy unique to your situation and goals.


Who We Have Worked With

Who Is It For?

Have a taste of what some of our course consists of and what our curriculum includes.


We have a core set of music clients ranging from Music Artist, Singer-Songwriters, Music-Producers, Musicians, Classical Musicians, Recording-Engineers, Recording-Studios and more.


We have experience working with all kinds of startups including Consultancy, Music Schools, Multi-Media colleges, App development, Business Professionals, Training Centre’s, A/V production, Tech start-ups, Music festivals, Live Events, Online Events, Video Editors and much more.


We have worked with a number of published author’s assisting in helping them learn how to grow their global audience and using the audience to develop sales. While this is a new area for us it has been showing some promising developments over the last year.